GETTING PERSONAL: A Struggle with My Job

Last updated: December 17, 2016 at 12:59 pm

Me getting personal.The past several weeks was a rocky time for me. Last month on the day that was supposed to be a vacation time to spend adjusting to Grover, my new harp, I got called to fill in for a co-worker who called in sick and couldn’t come to work. So I filled in and went to work only to get this shocking news: the company that was affiliated with mental health for many years has filed for bankruptcy. Thus, many of my co-workers and job coaches I’m most familiar with had to be laid off; they worked for that company. I was lucky didn’t worked for the company, but I didn’t took that news so well. I was so used to working alongside many of the people who were with me since day one of my job that I just couldn’t handle being left behind as all of the people I worked with over the years are being laid off and out of the job.

Vacation was ruined. I didn’t expect this to happened. I was stressed. I had to deal with people who push me way to hard. One day at work was the worst day ever when I was trying to do my job and there was a Halloween program for children with special needs. I was trying to get my job done, but a whole lot of people dressing up for Halloween were interfering with my job to where I just couldn’t get it all done on time I was lagging behind and the job coach was finding fault with the things I do to help my janitorial work efficiently. I was angry. I was stressed. I was about ready to explode and lash out. Thankfully I didn’t lose it. I maintain composure but I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to wait until the next day to take it all up to my bosses and explain to him and her what has happened. They talked it over with the job coach over what happened previously and helped me cleared up the misunderstanding that was made.

You see, the job coaches that took over for the most part came from the downstairs area of the building where every day they work with people who are far more mentally challenged than I am. And because I have mental issues involving high-functioning autism/Asperger’s syndrome, the coaches just assume that I was like the highly mentally challenged people who had to be pushed in order to get with the program. They are mistaken. I am not like such people. In fact I cannot be compared to those people who were born with a disability that forces them to behave as either a 1 year old toddler or a 6 year old. I may have some mental issues, but I can act independently. I can do just about everything myself like a responsible adult I am without any help or assistance from a job coach. No supervision required. The job coaches with work downstairs need to understand that.

The very best thing about working at the center is that the people there listen to all my concerns and understand what I’m going through. And they try to fix it so that I can have a better time doing my job and get it all done on time. I work the evening shift at Mental Health from 5PM – 7PM. I’m also working on getting a second job so I can raise more money to help pay off my harp Grover the quickest. But I’m also working on finding balance between spending time with Grover and working at my 2 jobs, both have to be part-time. Working full-time jobs all 7 days of the week with no time to relax, shop, do laundry, practice harp, do Punisher harp art, do housework, surf the net, and taking care of outdoor cats won’t do.

A new replacement of the old company is being sought, but it’s going to take another month or two before we finally find a great company who will fill in for the previous company that filled for bankruptcy due to the death of a people who was in charge of managing finances before he died and left behind such a financial mess that the company had to go out of business. When that company is found and hired, I hope to God that all my familiar co-workers and my job coaches come back. I sure do miss them.

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