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Last updated: August 28, 2016 at 10:40 am
The Lyon & Healy Prelude 40Ever since yesterday, I’ve been doing some serious thinking. Once in awhile I encounter people who asks me, “Am I still playing the harp?” When I do, I replied “No, I’m not.” and explain them why. I even have neighbors living next door in my neighborhood asking me the same question. And I ended up giving them the same reply. I explain to them that it’s because I made a commitment to not play the harp at all until I get the pedal harp I always wanted.
You know something? That the most lamest excuse I ever made! I admit, I feel really bad about giving the “no” answer to everyone who asks me about whether I’m still playing the harp or not. I do want to play the harp again. Especially at the Farmer’s Market, but I don’t want to play the same simple pieces over and over again on Curtis, my harpsicle harp. I just wanted to go back to playing bigger harp pieces that require more than 26 strings to play like I used to when I used to rent a pedal harp.
Although I have more money than I ever raised for the harp, I have a feeling I’ll end up always being short on cash to buy the pedal harp due to the fact that I had to set money aside for bills, insurance payment, rent, and groceries. Because of all these things, there’s only one thing for me to do– get a Lyon & Healy Prelude 40 which costs between 4K and 5K. I have enough money to get a pre-owned Prelude that has 40 strings and bears an exact resemblance to the pedal harp and sounds like one, too. Admittedly I have not met or heard it in person before. That’s all going to change this week, I hope. I started making plans to order the L&H Prelude 40 which I will be doing this week if it all works out. It may not be a pedal harp, but it near-perfectly replicates it. And that’s a whole lot better for me to play music on instead of playing the L&H Troubadour harp which I didn’t like one bit because of the shape. I favor harps with straight pillars, perfectly curved necks, and in so many cases a wide extended soundboard. The Prelude doesn’t have a wide extended soundboard. I wish it does, but Lyon & Healy doesn’t do extended soundboards on small 40 stringed pedal harps and the Prelude. I can live with it. I played pedal harps with straight soundboards before. It doesn’t matter if the harp has a straight or a wide curved soundboard, I’ll play them as long as they are made in a perfect shape that’s just right for me.
If it works out, I’ll have something I can go back to playing the harp with that I can use to create Youtube videos, play music outdoors at the Farmer’s Market, and improve my harp music skills– the L&H Prelude 40 which, like the Salvi Ana, should have been my very first harp instead of that Troubadour harp which I rather have someone else play and enjoy instead of me!

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Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She's the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone and the one who came up with The All-New, All-Different concept of The Punisher from Marvel Comics being portrayed as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who were killed by the mob years ago.

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