NEW PUNISHER HARP ART: The Punisher’s Lyre

Last updated: April 16, 2016 at 17:58 pm

Behold! The Punisher’s Lyre!

Punisher's Lyre (sans Blood)

Not only does he play the large concert harp and the WarHarp which he uses in battle, Frank also plays the lyre, too. This is The Punisher’s 4-stringed lyre. The 3rd of The Punisher’s trio of stringed babies that he strums and plucks out stirring music to which he sings out his agonizing sorrow over the tragic loss of his family like Orpheus does when he mourned the loss of his wife Eurydice. A lot of times, he plays the lyre right after he shed so much blood exterminating criminals that his lyre’s strings ends up getting stained by the blood of thugs and mobsters Frank kills without mercy.

Punisher's Lyre 2

Owosso Harpist

Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She's the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone and the one who came up with The All-New, All-Different concept of The Punisher from Marvel Comics being portrayed as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who were killed by the mob years ago.

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