The Siren’s Harp.

Last updated: April 16, 2017 at 22:16 pm

I just saw MeTV do a Batman’66 tribute to Yvonne Craig who played the part of Batgirl in the classic Batman series. One of the two episodes that have just aired is The Wail of The Siren where Batgirl makes her debut. In that episode Lorelei Circe (aka The Siren), played by Joan Collins, used her singing voice to seize control of Commissioner Gordon and use him to discover the secret identities of Batman and Robin. When that failed, she seized control of Bruce Wayne and manipulate him into surrendering all of his wealth to her and then commit suicide by jumping off of a building. Thanks to Robin and Batgirl’s intervention, Bruce Wayne was saved and her plan was thwarted.

The main reason I brought this up is because of this:
The Siren and her harp.
The Siren and her harp 2
The Siren and her harp singing a high note.
The Siren and her harp singing a high note 2

Batman – Joan Collins as the Siren – 1967

The Siren plays the harp in Batman ’66. Perhaps an inspiration for another Punisher harp art I plan to make. Maybe have Jon Bernthal as The Punisher play the harp again. This time I’ll make an original artwork instead of a remake.

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